Molly Wetzel

We got Molly when she was 6 weeks old for My daughter’s bday on March 6, 2012. She was so spunky as a puppy she  loved to wrestle with our other dog Lucy. As Molly got older she grew into such a loving good dog. She was also protective. When you asked if she had to go potty she would spin through the entire house to the back door it was funny to watch her. She also chased her tail for many years. She stole our hearts from day one. She is now with her sister Lucy that she was very close to. Her brother Brutus is gonna be lost for awhile without her along with her human daddy. We all love and Miss You Molly thank you for giving us 9 great years with you till we meet again baby girl.  We Love you Molly wolly as we called her lol.


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